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Timepieces are a passion to some. To others it is just a piece of jewelry to be worn as an accessory.

There are choices as far as the eye can see and still, we have not seen all the brands and small boutique brands out there. The established names, specifically the Swiss and German have been around for a long time. The Japanese brought us the quartz revolution in the 70’s, which almost wiped out the Swiss mechanical watch industry.

The Swiss came back with a vengeance. They also joined the quartz revolution and because of this, today, the consumer has an unlimited choice of watches, from the low end to very expensive watches.

But all along, the mechanical world kept producing beautiful intricate timepieces for that other group, the watch connoisseur. The ones who take pleasure in knowing you have a small intricate movement with gears, springs and hundreds of other parts working away on your wrist. This is why we chose this route.

We could say that the most fun/existing part is designing the timepiece. But it is all the phases, from looking for and creating the idea for a specific model, sketching out the details after deciding on the movement to following every step thru prototyping to final component production.

We do not pretend to be a Manufacture. This only applies to companies that build their own in-house mechanical movements. We pride ourselves in designing and creating a timeless piece to be worn for many years to come.

Every timepiece we create is designed from the ground up. The design theme from the original launch editions will carry on but details will change along with our movements, including the use of Swiss mechanical ones.

The difference is in the intricacies and overall design of a specific movement that will sway us to choose it for a new model. For example, the M1-Woodward chronograph uses a tried and true Swiss chronograph movement, the Eta 7750.

And the assembly? All done in Metro Detroit. Why? We do not plan on opening a large assembly line but rather keep one of the most fun aspects to ourselves… watching and controlling all the parts as they come together. This will also give us the flexibility to create some very limited timepieces going forward.

The History of Detroit is the icing on the cake. Create something beautiful and wear it with pride.